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Cornish alternative country artist Mog Jones releases brand new single “Only Way Out”.

If you’re planning a road trip, you’re going to want Mog Jones’ latest single “Only Way Out” on your driving playlist. Think Thelma and Louise in the form of song – gritty and tense, with a sense of humidity – as if an Arizonian sun is beating down upon Mog’s fiery vocal. You might be surprised to learn that Mog (or Morgan Hamilton-Jones, to friends and family) actually hails from Cornwall in the UK; the British deep-south meets America’s infamous equivalent…

“We all wish for change, and all have so much hope for the better and this song is about exactly that, jumping into the unknown and not knowing what will happen, but knowing it’s better than what you’ve got.”

Wistful lyrics meet fuzzy guitars and driving beats in “Only Way Out”, describing the story of somebody’s harebrained getaway scheme, in search of a better life. Equal parts poignant and badass (what a combo!), Mog captures the essence of country music and her inspirations Dolly Parton and Stevie Nicks, adding a modern, slightly tongue-in-cheek twist of sharp English tongue to create a genre of her own making.

Search no further for your next alt-country obsession, because Mog Jones is she. You’ll want to keep up with her releases past, present and future – her foot is firmly on the gas, and she’ll stop for no-one.

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