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London’s YVA unveils cinematic new single “I Won’t Wait”.

The drama of Geordie-born, London-based songwriter YVA’s latest single “I Won’t Wait” caught me off-guard. There was I, happily shuffling through new releases, when the ground started shaking – spilled my tea everywhere – and the walls started crumbling. Long story short, the house collapsed, and when the firemen came round to scope out the cause, they pulled my laptop out from the rubble and pointed to YVA’s Spotify page; the only tab open. “Well, there’s your problem,” they explained, “same thing happened across the road last night. Poor bugger had his speakers turned up too high, this same song tore the whole bloody roof off.”

“‘I Won’t Wait’ just needed to be let loose in the world- I had kept it hidden away for so long because it had only ever remained acoustic, and many people told me to keep it that way. But I wanted it to evolve past those expectations and roar, to stomp and for it to be fully grown.”

If you’d not guessed from my extensive analogy (yes, the heat is getting to me), “I Won’t Wait” features a soundscape of beautiful Radiohead-inspired orchestration and layers of YVA’s most exquisite vocals, so huge that it’s likely to actually raise the roof. Inspired by a relationship that has blossomed since its first dysfunctional days (I wonder if Amy’s partner knows that he’s been described as a ‘total dickhole’ in her press release – fantastic flex), the song has been eight years in the making.

Over these years, YVA has played the Royal Albert Hall on three different occasions, opening for close friend Nitin Sawhney and supporting the likes of George Ezra and James Bay, fine-tuning her sound all the while. “I Won’t Wait” is the product of Amy’s true self, expressing an inimitable sound that waits for no man – although she does recognise the irony in having waited for the very man she promised not to wait for…all’s well that ends well! Striking from every angle, YVA’s latest release is not one to be missed.

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