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Manchester dream-pop solo project Warahenege releases introspective single 'Strange New Crowd'.

Prav Somarathne, perhaps better known in the dream-pop sphere as Warahenege, is Scary Canary royalty. Resident journalist Max Burt described this project's earlier work as 'truly evocative' (in a glowing review which can be read here), and evocative Warahenege's more recent releases still are.

'Strange New Crowd' is introspective, as ever, with mellifluous vocals dripped in plenty of spacious effects - intrinsically introverted, and the artist wouldn't have it any other way. The lyrics were agonised over for months, and provide a safe haven for the logophiles among us.

The thing is, when you're somewhere between shoegaze and dream-pop, pretty lyrics almost don't matter; hazy guitars and basslines drive this genre. Warahenege's carefully chosen words are just an extra little bit of icing on the cake - who wouldn't want that extra touch of slick, dreamlike escapism? Oh Prav, you spoil us!

"'Strange New Crowd' is about loneliness and the belief that love can save you, but in the end coming up against a more disappointing truth that sometimes it simply won't."

If you love Warahenege's sound, you're not alone. His previous singles have been picked up by international radio stations and Spotify editorial playlists, and this project shows no signs of slowing down, with news of a debut EP coming soon. Keep an eye or ear out, you might be one of the first to know about it...

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