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Dream-pop artist Warahenege returns with his sophomore single 'For the Moment' - an eloquent reflection on mental struggles aboard an emotive soundscape.

Safe to say that Warahenege's first release blew me away with its palpable atmosphere - and I'm extremely happy to say that 'For the Moment' has done the same. Consistently one of the most sophisticated and earnest dream-pop songwriters out there, Prav Somarathne - the brain and voice behind Warahenege - is a master at capturing an emotional essence, and tactfully molding it into a four-minute runtime.

Tactful its creation was, considering 'For the Moment' has been three years in the making. First written in his Manchester bedroom in 2018 following a sudden deterioration in his mental health, Prav writes that this track was crafted to communicate his 'apathy, ennui, and frustration alongside a tentative search for hope.'

Evoking that distinctive feeling of university-bedroom listlessness, Warahenege's ability to so comfortably soundtrack those memories astounds me. Opening with gentle strumming and a leisurely drum beat, Prav's mellow vocals drift over the verses. His lyrics are - if I may repeat myself from the first Warahenege review - poetic, but not vaporous; grounded, but not predictable - the perfect dream-indie-pop balance: 'wading through, hip-deep in dreams made to order / It's not much, but it's the best I can do for the moment.'

And then, bam, the most wonderful trumpet break you'll ever hear in a dream-pop song. Soaring over the track's bridge, accompanied by distant ethereal vocals and soft synth crescendo, 'For the Moment' breaks into its chorus. Where the verses evoke Prav's 'apathy [and] ennui', the chorus is his 'frustration' and 'tentative search for hope'. Larger in soundscape than the verses, this chorus is profoundly atmospheric, and is where Prav's talent for emotive songwriting comes to its fore.

Written, recorded and produced by Prav in his bedroom, then mixed and mastered by established engineer Ben Etter (Deerhunter, The Magic Gang, Maximo Park), 'For the Moment' is Warahenege's second great success. If I had more time, I would further wax on about that trumpet in the bridge - for now though, I will simply tell you to listen to this track, and then his debut single 'Cosmic Mess'. I hope you'll join me in the future to read the third edition in this series titled 'Man, You've Really got to Listen to Warahenege'.

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