• Max Burt


Arizona-based 80s-inspired indie rock artist Vincent Liou has dropped his charismatic, feelgood, tongue-in-cheek anthem 'Boomer Humor', packing the American frontier with style.

For a bright, sparkling track about how we tend to go a bit mental as we hit middle-age, I don't think there's a better visual metaphor than Vincent madly grinning, donning a trucker hat and cowboy boots, drenching himself in barbecue sauce.

The first track off his brand new EP 'Big Surf', 'Boomer Humor' is a yacht rock masterpiece, somewhat poking fun at the origins of yacht rock itself. Vincent quotes the song as discussing "the daily grind, online dating, and Reddit," - I mean, is that not the modern day equivalent? Hell, I'm only 21 and I can see myself reflected in these lyrics; I'm currently entering the daily grind and I'm already tired of it, I spent my uni days on Tinder, and I bought my $GME shares in February because Reddit told me to, then sold them a month later because I got scared. Almost all my friends have followed the exact same routes. I suppose what 'Boomer Humor' teaches us is that yacht rock is for the people.

If you're looking for a summer bop, you've found one of the best for 2021 - Vincent has absolutely hit the nail on the head, from the songwriting, to his charismatic performance, to the music video's visuals. The chorus on 'Boomer Humor' is unrivaled; every time it hits, it explodes into a veritable forest of synths and keys, complimenting Vincent's ridiculously catchy hook.

Charming - that's the word of the day here on Scary Canary. Every time I watch the video, I can't help but grin and groove. There's just something about that smile... that damned smile.

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