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Australian synth-pop supernova Trent-Jean releases euphoric single 'DISC0VR'.

'Shapeshifting through the musical realm' seems to be Trent-Jean's thing. Their very first single 'Manchester By the Sea' (released in 2020) won awards and found Psych-Rock-Hop fans across the globe, eventually amassing over a million views on the accompanying music video.

In 2021, Trent-Jean takes us further into their world, on an intergalactic journey to discover an extraterrestrial partnership in their latest single 'DISC0VR'. The first of the synth-pop star's releases to feature all five members of the live band is the very embodiment of organised chaos; arpeggiated synths seem to climb the walls, and chunky basslines sprawl like an oil slick.

"‘DISC0VR’ is finding a part of you in somebody else - and growing as a human while having that harmony with ‘one of your kind. [...] If you listen carefully through the bridge and guitar solo, we managed to feature a spaceship launching out of the stratosphere!"

For those of you heading to festivals this weekend, 'DISC0VR' is a solid choice for the car ride there. Suitably loud, sparkly, and psychedelic, Trent-Jean is sure to get you pumped for a long weekend of fun and games. Out of this world, man!

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