• Max Burt


Updated: Mar 6, 2021

From Sydney, Australia, Tom Vs Tom continues his string of 2020 releases with his new track ‘Symphony of Ruckus’ – without a doubt one of the most charming, infectious, oddball pop tracks I’ve ever heard.

If I might start off this review by forwarding a quote from someone else’s review, “it certainly baffles me” (Temporary Dreamer) that Tom Vs Tom isn’t a household name yet. Beginning his music venture only a few months ago with his EP ‘Bedroom Demos’, Tom Vs Tom (Tomas II Somera) has since released a monthly series of endearing tracks ahead of his debut album ‘DWEEB’, released next year. Each and every of these tracks are in themselves flagships of Tom’s talent; oddball indie-pop to their core, relentlessly charming and forever groovy.

‘Symphony of Ruckus’ is my favourite of Tom’s tracks to date. It feels distinctly cinematic, being inspired by Wes Anderson’s 1996 film ‘Bottle Rocket’. In that manner, you can make comparisons between Tom Vs Tom and the likes of Rex Orange County or Roy Blair in the overall vibe that they produce – though despite being new on the scene, Tom’s songwriting genuinely feels much more mature, well-crafted, and earnest than many of his oddball-pop/bedroom-pop counterparts.

Opening the track with a psychedelic soundscape, complete with soaring synth chords and a stomping drum beat, Tom deconstructs the layers into the track’s understated verse – making way for his characteristic strong Aussie accent. His lyrics seem to tackle with the burden of anxiety, keeping that perfect balance between relatable and captivating; the “symphony of ruckus” bangs on your door while you pretend to ignore it, “It decides to leave when it decides to leave / There’s no use waiting for it”.

The chorus is my favourite part of the track, largely because of the thoughtfulness that Tom crafted it with. Piano-led and driven by booming drums, it exists in contrast to the psychedelic refrains and low-key verses, though takes a distinct element from each to weave it seamlessly into the whole song; the snappy piano chords maintain that vulnerable empty space found in the verses, and Tom shows off his warm singing voice by soaring where the synths originally did. I reiterate: with songwriting, performance, and production like this, I’m baffled that Tom Vs Tom isn’t a household name yet.

Tom Vs Tom has a new track ‘Paranoid Like Truman’ releasing on the 28th November, and the final of the year ‘To The Stars’ on the 18th December. Follow him on social media:

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