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Nashville-based power-quartet The Thing With Feathers release latest single “Midwest Daydreams”.

One listen, and you’re hooked. At least, that’s what my experience of The Thing With Feathers’ music has looked like this year. The power quartet’s interminably catchy hooks infiltrate punchy indie-pop guitars and driving beats for an all-round blissful listening experience, and “Midwest Daydreams” doesn’t stray from this trend. Certainly one of the most exciting and forward-thinking bands to emerge from the Nashville’s musical smog, you won’t want to miss a beat of their latest release.

“[The song] examines the frustration brought on by an indecisive partner and the toll it can take on both sides: ‘Forgive me if I cross a line but I’m tired of this conversation / I don’t believe you’re gonna say what you want / I’m down on my knees and I think you’re gone’.”

Fuelled by desperation and hurt, “Midwest Daydreams” is one of The Thing With Feathers’ most confessional songs to date. The lyrics are raw and open to match the tone of the guitars that envelop them, and the arrangement packs several heavyweight punches within the short space of three-minutes-thirty. It’s also great fun, with influence taken from 1975 (audible in the choice of synths and pop melodies) and U2’s good old days (back before they were forcing themselves onto our iTunes libraries). That said, I wouldn’t mind TTWF’s discography plonked without permission into my Spotify playlists…

If you love ruddy good indie pop, “Midwest Daydreams” is the song for you, and you really ought to follow The Thing With Feathers on social media to keep up with future releases. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; the future is blindingly bright for this band.

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