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London soul-pop outfit The King’s Parade release rootsy new single “Brother”.

It was initially the slapstick humour of The King’s Parade’s “How Long?” music video that endeared me to this soulful band’s music – since that discovery, they’ve released “Brother”, the third track taken from their upcoming album. “Brother” is sentimental and easygoing, and makes the most of the quartet’s natural affinity for jamming out a fabulously groovy arrangement in no time at all.

“Brother is a track about feeling left behind. The sudden disappearance of someone you hold close to your heart can leave an emptiness that feels impossible to fill. The song is an expression of that void.”

The combination of upbeat guitar riffs, a thick hammond organ and punchy melodic hooks makes for a feel-good sound that contrasts against lyrics tinted with melancholy. The theme of homesickness through losing someone close to you permeates Olly’s impressive vocal, where just a hint of desperation and loneliness can be heard. The band discuss the making of “Brother” in the video below…

BBC 6 Music and The Independent are already fans of this young band; I wonder what took me so long to catch on, especially when The King’s Parade’s social media presence is so immaculate. They exist on every platform you could imagine, seeking to engage with their fans to inspire even stronger connections over lockdown with live sessions and a plethora of creative content types. If you’re not already following the journey, go ahead and click on some of the links below. You won’t regret it!

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