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London-based artist The Famous Daxx has released her debut surf-grunge single 'Weatherman', backed up by an all-female band.

“The decision to only use female session musicians was a very personal one, but also a statement that I wanted to present to the world: here are the amazing female instrumentalists that so many people just conveniently overlook – you just need to make the effort to find them.”

Fresh off the back of a slew of 2021 festival lineups that have failed to book a satisfactory proportion of female artists, Daxx's statement there is refreshing to hear.

She's right - perhaps if these festivals were to eschew the easy option of wheeling out Catfish & The Bottlemen, Royal Blood and Mumford & Sons every single year, and instead actually make the [simple] effort to find the dynamic array of female talent that is so present in the UK (and beyond), then some progress could be made.

In a way, the lyrics of 'Weatherman' could be applied to this situation. In the track's stirring chorus, Daxx accuses this Weatherman character of touting a baseless incoming positive change for her, while he ignores his ability to tangibly help that change occur ('You're letting me down / And then you blame it on the weather / You forecast the sun / But you don't make it any better'). These emotively-written lines seem particularly reminiscent of how the music industry currently operates, especially towards upcoming female artists; a lot of posturing, but not much action.

By now, it's probably clear in my agenda-hijack of this review that I think The Famous Daxx is a fantastic songwriter. 'Weatherman' is a thoughtful, foreboding, impeccably cool debut single - Daxx's intricate vocals ride across a swaying, enigmatic arrangement of Spaghetti Western guitars, 3/4 drums (Gabi King), thick bass tones (Josefine van Jonson), electronic organs and ethereal pianos (Sara de Santis). Fans of Alexandra Savior, Wolf Alice and composer Ennio Morricone listen up - you'll want to pay attention to The Famous Daxx, because she has three more tracks lined up for release over the coming months.

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