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London-born, Dublin-based indie artist Tertia releases latest single 'Normal Stuff'.

Is it pop? Is it experimental? Do we detect hints of jazz and twee? There's really no pinning down Tertia's sound, but what we do know is that it makes for a great listen.

The London-born songwriter and producer has just released her new single 'Normal Stuff', which features peppy piano motifs contrasted against Tertia's unfiltered storytelling. Frustration is the pervasive feeling laced throughout this track, as Tertia compares herself to someone who is much more stable, content, and plain 'normal' than herself.

Accompanying 'Normal Stuff' is a music video produced by the artist herself, and directed by Henry Harte. Cinematic scenes capture Tertia's 'chaotic' nature (see her swinging from a tree, playing a keyboard that is strung up equally as precariously) versus the normality of a different person, attempting to choose which plain white shirt to wear.

Tertia's creativity knows no bounds, and if it's uniqueness you prefer in an artist, then look no further! A bright future surely lies ahead for this quirky and extraordinarily talented songwriter and producer.

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