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Toronto based singer-songwriter Tali releases new single, “Back To You“.

Talented Tali! That’s what we call her now.

The Toronto based singer-songwriter, Tali, has released her latest single of the three-track EP entitled Shadows. The single is called “Back To You”, and it’s a come-as-you-are ode to finding the way back to oneself after believing all was lost. Tali is an old soul, and classic romanticism is present throughout the track…

“No matter how far you might stray from a person, a dream, yourself or anything, if it’s meant to be, ultimately it’s going to find its way back to you. I believe things come back to you if they’re meant to.”

In other words, what’s for ya won’t pass you by. (That’s what I’ve been repeating to myself recently whilst in the midst of flat-hunting, anyway – it really does help to impart some meaning on the random nature of general mishappery). Tali’s voice is the selling point of her music, very secure and confident in its delivery. Her lyrics are direct and heart-on-sleeve – she confesses that “it’s really important to me on my journey not to be like anyone else. Everyone’s path is unique. That’s something I wish I had known years ago. But I know it now”. The emotional intelligence behind her words speak of the scenic route Tali has taken to where she is now, and the worldliness is expressed in every lyric.

The music video is artfully directed, showing Tali in an array of dramatic get-ups, performing to camera as she sets off to find her truest self again. You can look forward to its release in the coming days, but for the time being, immersing yourself in the huge drums and spacious mix of “Back To You” should be enough to quell your thirst for brilliant new indie music.

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