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Liverpudlian producer Superlate releases indie-pop singe 'Petals' featuring good friend Lou Cas on vocals.

"Keep it simple, stupid!" - my GCSE Graphic Design teacher's slightly cringy acronym (K.I.S.S.) resurfaces as I listen to 'Petals' for the first time. Simplicity, when done well, can signal brilliance; BBC Radio's Jack Saunders and Dave Monks certainly seem to agree, introducing Superlate's new single as 'simply superb' and 'a special track'.

“Writing petals was one of the most natural experiences I’ve ever had when it comes to songwriting. It truly was a day of goofing about and making noise for fun. We were at a great time in our lives, going to lots of festivals in the summer, and I can hear the energy and positivity of a great summer with your mates come through massively in the track.”

There's nothing quite like writing a certified banger with a friend - Lou Cas, a close mate of Superlate's, contributes his understated and laidback vocals to 'Petals'. If you've not a pair of headphones on you to listen, this track is perhaps best described as 'Mura Masa goes guitar band' or 'Tom Misch goes Garage'.

If you're looking for an addition to your Summer chillout, weekend barbecue, or city dinner party playlists, let 'Petals' be it.

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