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Seattle-based pop artist Stella Mar releases feisty new single 'Mean To You'.

If you took away the synthesizers and the head-bopping production on Stella Mar's single 'Mean To You', you'd be left with a vocal tone that is just so pleasing to listen to.

Stella Mar's vocals are intricate, but not traditionally 'pop' at all - when she goes for it, you hear a grittiness that plenty of rock singers would kill for, and on the other side of the spectrum are smooth, low and effortless tones, just like you might hear in jazz. Most remarkably of all, at the tender age of thirteen, she was told by vocal 'professionals' that she would never have any singing success.* I wonder how they would feel if they could hear Stella now...

The new single 'Mean To You' is a vitriolic pop song that - somewhat ironically - addresses Stella's struggle to be cruel. Lashing out at a past unrequited love, she wishes she could turn back time and be a little colder to the person who hurt her. Hoping for healthier relationships in the future, whilst also wishing she could acquire an edge to use against those who do her wrong, this track will be truly relatable to every singleton out there.

If you boil it all down; the vocals, the synths, the production, the songwriting; what you get is the core of a really addictive and fun pop song! Perfect for the post-heartbreak playlists.

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*By the way, folks, no good 'professional' will ever tell you to give up on something you love. If they don't know how to work with what you've got, that's on them! You just go and find another teacher who actually knows what they're talking about.

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