• Max Burt


Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Having been releasing new music in Florida’s underground scene for over two years, Spirit Sam’s latest track is ‘Fantasy’ – an energetic, jazzy, two-minute alternative indie extravaganza.

Citing his influences as Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan and other pre-2000’s legends, Spirit Sam is pioneering his own guitar-driven fusion genre in the “spiritual wilderness of central Florida.”

‘Fantasy’ is one of Sam’s most galvanising tracks to date. A master of melody, he has crafted the perfect balance between catchy, groovy, and charismatic – all while maintaining an understated primal energy in the track’s instrumentation.

Granting jazz-fusion the momentum of indie-rock, complete with distant soaring guitar solos and crashing cymbals, my rainy British mind can’t help but piece together a romantic vision of a pseudo-Florida beach at sunset, a crowd freely dancing, shuffling, and shouting back the lyrics to ‘Fantasy’.

A macro-level exploration of how the human psyche comes to the decisions that it does, Spirit Sam’s lyrics invoke a distinctly psychedelic-style subject matter; though to prevent ‘Fantasy’ from becoming too transcendental, it remains grounded in the relatable experience of a break-up. Sam writes:

“Fantasy describes the confliction lost love can present, and the reasoning behind actions that all together may be hard to swallow… it is based off of life events lived and experienced.”

From his luscious guitar tones, to the drive and intricacies of his drums, to his sunset-nostalgia reverbed vocals, ‘Fantasy’ is a real winner for Spirit Sam. Where he is clearly proud of his Florida roots, I hope we begin to see him making waves more broadly in the US, and here across the pond too.

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