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London-based Nigerian-Irish artist SPIDER releases enchanting new single “water sign”.

Alternative electronic-pop artist SPIDER has burst onto the scene and given us all a shock (as spiders often do) with her huge new track “water sign“. A product of years of alt-pop music absorption, songwriting practise and self-taught production, it’s a triumphant release from the talented London-based polymath.

“There is value in approaching the process of creating less seriously, to come at it from a place of joy and childlike curiosity rather than fear and anxiety”.

If you’re not already into your astrology, you’re about to be. Get your natal chart up on Google, get “water sign” on repeat and learn all about yourself. SPIDER explores what it means to be a Scorpio in poetic lyrics, adding multiple new dimensions to the common misconception that water signs are only sensitive and emotional beings; adding a large helping of danger and depth into the mix, SPIDER reveals her true nature as something of a femme fatale.

Entirely self-produced, self-written and self-directed, SPIDER is ready to take on the industry and the disparity between the standards set for female artists versus their male counterparts. She recognises the fear that women feel when exposing their latest masterpiece to the world, the imposter syndrome that can stop us in our tracks entirely, and she bravely leads the path to revolution with “water sign”, the hard-hitting anthem that accompanies her along the way.

The track builds and builds from brooding bass to rapturous vocal hooks and sparkling synthesizers, making for a true out-of-this-world listening experience. SPIDER creates a universe of her own, briefly inviting us in before kicking us straight to the curb again. This release is a tour de force, and we can’t wait to hear more…

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