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Canadian alt-pop artist Scott Helman releases angsty single 'Old Friends'.

Fresh from the release of his widely acclaimed 2020 album Nonsuch Park (sa), Scott Helman continues his reign over the Canadian Pop world with 'Old Friends'. Punchy, angsty and nostalgic - this new release is everything an ex-My Chemical Romance fan could wish for.

Whilst new to Scary Canary, Scott is no stranger to the industry. Since his project's inception, Helman has been nominated for seven JUNO Awards, collaborated with the likes of Alessia Cara and Hunter Hayes, toured with Shawn Mendes and Vance Joy...the list goes on. These accolades are hard-fought and very well earned, as Helman now tackles Climate Emergency head-on with the Evergreen Manuscript, his loyal fans helping him to deliver the document to politicians and global leaders via the MayDay intiative.

Who would have guessed that the artist behind 'Old Friends' - an anthem for the most self-destructive among us - is saving the world, signature by signature? Not I. But Scott Helman is a wonderfully surprising writer with a lot more to his music than the label of 'emo-pop' might suggest, and backed by music fans across the globe, he's not one to sleep on.

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