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Alt-pop extravaganza Sabiine releases moody earworm “Hotline”.

“Hotline” isn’t a song you listen to just once – it’s been on repeat for a good twenty minutes, but it only took a second to realise that Sabiine’s catchy hooks would be stuck in my head for the rest of the evening. The artist, who hails from Atlanta, possesses a voice unlike any other pop prodigy’s and packs a bewitching punch in just two minutes and thirty seconds…

“They called all the time. I tried to help and they never listened. I started to feel like some kind of advice hotline. Listen to the song, and you’ll get it.”

…you don’t need to tell me twice! And I do get it. I get it very much, and in fact, I’m convinced that most listeners have been in a very similar situation to that which Sabiine describes. Your mate calls you up, they want advice, you offer advice, they say “thank you” and hang up the phone to do exactly the opposite of what you have just advised them to do.

Sometimes it takes falling out with a close friend to come up with a song like this. It’s a great shame Sabiine’s friendship had to suffer, and I’m not saying her pain is our gain…but the world has gained a fantastic, dark, broody electronic pop song. If anything, I reckon Sabiine should fall out with her friends more often – don’t you?

Mean-spirited jokes aside, Sabiine and producer Tyler Gunz have defined an addictive and arresting sound in “Hotline” and across the whole exquisite Dragonfruit EP. Her aesthetic is an impeccably executed 90s/00s throwback, but the music is a huge lurch forward into what might be trending in 2021, and with any luck we might look forward to a few more live shows in the new year. I’m manifesting it. Who knows?

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