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Bristol based indie-rock band Rozelle release fifth single of the year, “Mystery”.

Rozelle have been hard at it this year, with five singles released already – maybe 2020 isn’t all that bad, after all. The Bristol-based quartet, who all live together in the same house, have really had no excuse to slack on the music front. Perhaps that’s why they plan to release a further four singles before the close of the year…

“The song is inspired by wanting to know more about our world and existence. Why are we here? What is next?”

Ah yes, lockdown will have you lousy with such existential ponderings. Rozelle found them best put into song (a bloody good one, at that) with introspective (and aptly mysterious) lyrics and huge atmospheric guitars. Hayley Smith, lead vocalist, explores stunning melodies that meander throughout the song, discussing the complexities of life and existence.

Rozelle have always seen music as a form of activism; they demand answers for questions often left hanging, and justice for those left behind in our malfunctioning society. They break down barriers with their subgenre-defying sounds, and just as the world of music gathers itself up for reopening again, you’re likely to see Rozelle at the top of plenty of playlists and gig posters. Music fans want something different – something powerful and something to stand for. This band give them those things tenfold.

If you love “Mystery”, you’ll love Rozelle’s various other releases this year, so be sure to check them out and show them some love on the links below…

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