• Max Burt


Brighton-based experimental-indie artist Route 500 explores weightlessness and self-contentment in this melancholic, cinematic, atmospheric sophomore single 'The Slowest Sting'.

‘I like the idea of feeling light, feeling present and weightless. If time were to stand still, you’d have no choice but to take in your immediate surroundings, and I think that’s where that sensation lies.'

Such is the essence of Route 500's creative output. Crafted in response to industry constriction, Route 500 is the project of an unnamed individual, seeking to express some of the most intimate streams of consciousness that dart through the human psyche.

'The Slowest Sting' is Route 500's second release - a deeply atmospheric, pensive track set against raw acoustic guitar chords and a distant, though pervasive, grunge-style distortion. Route's voice floats over the rippling instrumental, ebbing and flowing, stylistically reminiscent of the track's theme of weightlessness. To live totally in the present - to remove all notion of past or future, to process purely what occurs in real time, and nothing more - is both a vision of serenity and dread, an ambience that Route 500 channels perfectly. Even down to the track's cover art, which depicts that decorative ceiling coving found in so many Northern European homes, looked up at in dim lighting; the perspective of someone about to fall asleep in bed; that liminal space between consciousness and unconsciousness.

I've found a strange comfort knowing that someone else also has a melancholic nostalgia for decorative coving. It's the bare walls, the anxiously high ceiling, the knowledge that so many people before you have fallen asleep from that exact same perspective. I think that the fact I've made this review more about interior design than 'The Slowest Sting' attests to Route 500's masterful ability to capture an evanescent atmosphere, and express it so deftly in song. Rather than listen to me harp on about it, I highly recommend you experience this transportation for yourself.

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