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Atlanta trio Reptile Room release optimistic new single “Sunlite”.

“Even though it looks like rain, it feels like sunlight” – Reptile Room’s infectious optimism have seen me bringing in a Monday with a smile. Unheard of!

This electronic pop trio, comprised of vocalist Sami Michelsen and producer-instrumentalists Bill Zimmerman and Sean Michelsen, formed in Atlanta in 2017 and have been taking the world by storm ever since. Their three years together have seen their music be featured on E!, TLC and RedBull to name but a few, and if that doesn’t impress you then I don’t know what will.

“This song started as 2 different beats and we combined them and loved the results. [It] happened within minutes.”

“Sunlite is just about looking on the bright side and keeping your perspective positive,” Sami explains, “seeing the good in every moment in spite of anything that tries to shake you up. The rays of light in the dark.” The trio’s message proves important in times of struggle (looking at you, 2020), and seems to come from a place of experience.

Choppy samples with a sing-song tune cast sunny spells on Sami’s slightly melancholic melody, and swelling synths laid over laid-back beats make for the perfect chillout combination. “Sunlite” is released via OM Records and has already seen over 200,000 streams on Spotify alone, proving its position as a popular choice for tastemakers globally.

If you’re looking for a tune to get you through a cloudy Monday, “Sunlite” is the one to play. If you love Reptile Room as much as I do, you can support them by giving them a follow on the links below…

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