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“Beautiful Disaster” is two minutes and nineteen seconds of magic. The voices of Rachel Chinouriri and Sam Dotia are crystal clear as the glimmering surface tension of a river, beneath which rippling synths and distorted samples lay the bed. It’s the first release of 2020 from Rachel Chinouriri, who is set to be releasing a collection of songs later in the year, and “Beautiful Disaster” sees her collaboration with Sam Dotia explore the abstract and the literal in their approach to lyricism.

“We made ‘Beautiful Disaster’ using this visual approach to writing, usually I love to story tell however this time Sam and I sat and imagined a place of isolation and stillness in the nighttime.” - Rachel Chinouriri

The pair’s virtuosic, poetic approach to songwriting envelops the listener in an extraordinary world where nothing is as we know it; the underlying topics of serenity, peace and oneness with nature are reflected in the clean acoustic guitar that drifts through the warmth of the deep bass, and the unidentifiable samples that chirrup throughout like early morning birdsong.

To accompany the single, Chinouriri and Dotia have released a “quarantine safe” music video that quite literally places us on the outside looking in, observing a world of “simplicity and stillness” of day-to-day scenarios in lockdown.

“Beautiful Disaster” is a truly special creation from these two talented songwriters. Their future releases are not to be missed…

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