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UK indie-pop artist Props releases anthemic single 'What Are You Waiting For?'.

Mark Gilyead burst onto the music scene with his indie-pop project Props just last year, keeping busy with seven single releases in the short time since its inception. Each earworm has won him praise from tastemakers such as the BBC, Spotify and Amazing Radio, and his latest single 'What Are You Waiting For?' surely sees further support incoming.

At just shy of two minutes long, Props packs all the hooks he can into his new release. Whilst its purpose serves to call out Conservative cronyism, sonically it is of a sunny disposition. Distorted guitars and bouncing basslines make this track well placed to become a festival favourite, and Props' witty lyricism adds a nice extra layer of context for music fans who enjoy a storyline.

“I used to be worried about speaking my mind, let alone singing it. But now I’ve given up on being cryptic because I think what I want to say is kinda important. I find it so depressing that those in power choose to play games with people’s lives over the satisfaction of making people happy..."

Props credits Glass Animals and Biffy Clyro as the inspirations behind the sound of 'What Are You Waiting For?', drawing upon their glitchy synth sounds and anthemic angst to form the perfect politi-pop song.

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