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Tulsa brothers POLYDRIVE release wistful indie-pop single 'Not Me Anymore'.

Cam and Cole Tessier - two brothers hailing from Oklahoma - have a shared upbringing, a shared love of music, and a shared home studio from which they have shared the production of POLYDRIVE'S latest single, 'Not Me Anymore'. The Tessiers will also have to share between them all the admiration that is inbound from music curators like us; CLOUT accurately acknowledges that this new single is 'one that deserves to be played on repeat'.

Folks of few words, POLYDRIVE describe the intention behind 'Not Me Anymore';

We wanted to write a breakup song from the perspective of the person doing the breaking up part.

Mission accomplished. Much like the band members themselves, 'Not Me Anymore' is a bit of an enigma. The understatedness of the instrumentation lays a sturdy, unfussy bed of sound for the duos mellifluous vocals to land atop, flanked by the unlikely combination of strummed acoustic guitar and electronica beats. 'Not Me Anymore' seems to be a wallflower at a party.

Inspired by Jon Bellion, Tame Impala and M83, POLYDRIVE are for fans of late-night road trips and kitschy nostalgia. 'Not Me Anymore' is perfect for your chillout, dinner party and driving playlists.


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