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London-based indie-rock band Picture The Scene release rowdy new single 'Big Boy'.

They're five singles in, and off to a very strong start; already heralded as the 'next Foo Fighters' by some, Picture the Scene are fighting fit with their latest release, 'Big Boy'.

Aptly named, this track really is a big boy. We're talking heavy drums, thick guitar tones, and plenty of yell-singing to rile up the toughest of crowds. Influenced by The Streets and Arctic Monkeys, 'Big Boy' is tongue-in-cheek and riffs a-plenty. Picture the Scene hit upon a sweet spot, where the future of rock music meets nostalgia for the greats.

"['Big Boy' is] a belter for anybody who’s ever felt they’ve been in that relationship they couldn’t seem to get away from for the wrong reasons (we’ve all been there) and accepting the need to change and ultimately finding happiness with your pals and loved ones instead."

Vocalist Speirs relentlessly mocks the toxic masculinity of his mate's ex, making this an extremely satisfying set of lyrics to yell at the top of your lungs - it's universally relatable, and a refreshing take. After all, I'll frequently decline to write about an all-male indie band's latest track, because the 'indie' scene in the UK has a tendency to feel a bit like a boys' club. Many of the boys in bands are the type to write about how hilarious it is that they cheat on their partners, or how much they like snorting hefty slugs of coke.

Well, not Picture the Scene - Female indie fans, if you're reading, you're gonna like this band. They write words we want to learn off-by-heart, and take the piss out of the same men we do. Never change, Picture the Scene! Never change.

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