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Los Angeles Americana songwriter Paige Shannon releases cinematic new single 'The Deep End'.

Paige Shannon is the new sheriff in town, arriving on horseback to put the mean ol' deputy back in his place and restore order amongst the locals. (On a scale of 1 to 10, how obvious is it that I've never watched a Western?)

'The Deep End' is Shannon's deeply evocative new single inspired by big life changes. With inspirations such as Taylor Swift and Brandi Carlile, you might be expecting big pop choruses and love-gone-wrong sentiments - but when Shannon takes us into the deep end, she's going to the deep, deep end.

On a macro level, 'The Deep End' is just about life. When you look closer, though, it's also about growing up, the fear of failure, and generational trauma.

Since she was just twelve years old, Shannon has been honing her craft as a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, banjo, dulcimer, and ukulele. 'The Deep End' was recorded from her home studio in LA, with producer Chris Reynolds, and Doug Livingston on the steel guitar.

Everything about the songwriting, the production, and the instrumentation screams authenticity - this is what Paige Shannon does, and this is who Paige Shannon is. Unafraid to ask the big questions, and moulding her own answers into bloody good music.

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