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Indie-pop artist Old Swing releases new single “Stuck”.

Lewis Goswell’s music is a hit with all the biggest Pop playlists, but not for lack of substance. Although frequently named in the same sentence as Lauv, The 1975 and LANY, Old Swing’s take on this soft ‘bubblegum’ indie sub-genre sets him apart from his contemporaries. Armed with emotional intelligence and a knack for writing seriously catchy hooks, it’s no wonder he’s amassed nearly 100k Spotify streams in the short time since Old Swing’s first release.

“It’s the first single from an upcoming EP, I feel it’s a suitable departure from previous tracks that have a larger live feel and into something more electronic and personal.”

Whilst “Stuck” isn’t a complex track, its melodies are laid bare and the message is made all the starker for it. The sparkling synths are the silver lining to a slightly melancholic subject matter, and Lewis’ hint of English accent in his vocals adds bucketloads of charm. Old Swing’s first single of 2020 is likely one to brighten up your Summer, and as the country starts opening up again, you can expect to hear “Stuck” as the soundtrack to nights out with friends.

This release is an assured and fabulously fun glimpse of what Old Swing has planned for the rest of the year – we can’t wait to hear more!

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