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Toronto-based pop royalty Noelle releases empowering new single 'Hope You're Happy'.

Full disclosure - I'm going against the grain of 'unsigned' artists that we usually post on the blog to bring you the pop banger that you didn't know you needed.

Noelle - pop royalty to-be - has released her new single 'Hope You're Happy' via Wax Records, ahead of her forthcoming album. This is pop music at its best, and fans of Anne-Marie and Ariana Grande will especially love Noelle's impeccable vocals and tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

Flipping your run-of-the-mill breakup song on its head, there are no doleful melodies to be heard here! Noelle and co-writers Joel Stouffer, Geoff Warburton and Nathan Ferraro find a way to embody leaving a relationship with one's pride intact - in the form of song, of course.

"I’m so passionate about creating sad ballads about love but I wanted this one to be more powerful for the listener. We’ve all been faced with the situation of seeing someone we loved with a new person and while we want to take the high road, sometimes vengeance is the real emotion that stirs within us.”

The simplicity of the music video gives room for the music to shine, as Noelle describes the significance of smashing mirrors; "[It] signifies the destruction of what was and a return to yourself, finally letting go of the person who was holding you back.”

'Hope You're Happy' is a must-have on at least one of your playlists! You're gonna need this song at some point...it's all just a matter of time...

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