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Ireland-born, Leeds-based indie folk artist nicha releases moody single “little bird”.

An overcast, drizzly day in London sets an apt scene for the bluesy tones of nicha’s “little bird”. It just so happens that stories of domestic violence have been making headlines within the industry this week (see: ‘Octavian’), and “little bird” couldn’t hope to be any more timely in its message. If you’re looking for a view into the world of a victim of psychological or physical abuse, nicha has you covered…

“I feel there is a taboo around talking about domestic abuse, mental and physical. Women are suffering, men are suffering, there are so many victims even in this day and age. We need to raise awareness and remind people to talk more.”

Robinson hopes that, with her delicately framed perspective, “little bird” will encourage those who are under-the-thumb to seek help in whichever manner they feel safest. Though dealing with such complex and somewhat frightening subject matter, this sophomore release from nicha remains sensitive, easygoing and thoughtful in its composition – it would be very easy to fall into the trap of matching such an intense story to anxiety-inducing sounds; thrashy drums, grinding harmonic intervals, melodramatic vocal cries, etc.

Instead, “little bird” just sounds like a hushed discussion between friends in a safe place. Maybe at the back of some yummy-mummy café, or even on a park bench during the Saturday morning rush. There’s an understated strength behind its unfussy, yet unmistakably and appropriately dark sound.

The song follows the story of ‘she’, or ‘her’, but Robinson is keen to emphasise the importance of spreading ‘hope and awareness to all genders – whoever may be facing both mental and physical abuse’. Her ability and keenness to discuss the day-to-day issues we face in the world around us is refreshing, and very welcome. This nothing-is-off-limits attitude paired with her love for Hendrix, Dylan and Marley provides a sophisticated palette that is in equal parts comforting and immensely listenable.

If you would like to know more about nicha’s story, be sure to support her journey on the links below…

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