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London alt-pop artist Nefer-T weaves saxophone skills into his newest single 'Coping Mechanism' - a playful, funky, tongue-in-cheek examination of our most common vices.

Funky, weird and catchy - that's how to get straight to my heart.

With this track, Nefer-T has cemented himself as the next great alt-pop artist to watch. With the perfect blend of groove, infectious vocal hooks and eccentric, quirky instrumentals, 'Coping Mechanism' sounds like it could have come straight from a music-producing Rube Goldberg contraption. The apparatus depicted on Gorillaz's 'Song Machine' comes to mind.

Indeed, Nefer-T lists Gorillaz as a major influence on his sound, along with other alternative pop, hip-hop, funk, neo-soul, (in short, genre-bending) artists such as Outkast and Kelis. Each of these elements are clearly found within 'Coping Mechanism', but don't be fooled, Nefer-T has created something entirely fresh. His originality soars within the track, the vocals dotted around its playful beat with a funky precision, though still maintaining a danceable looseness.

The lyrical matter of 'Coping Mechanism' , dealing with smoking and drug use to endure a downturn in mental health, is heavy - but performed distinctly tongue-in-cheek. Again, Nefer-T has a pretty damn impressive ability to keep this capricious balance within his songwriting! In speaking about the tone of the track, he goes into greater depth:

'I think to avoid getting bogged down in such a heavy subject matter, I consciously wanted an upbeat and energetic song because quite often the things we do to soldier on are similarly juxtaposed from what people deem as 'healthy'.'

Nefer-T wrote, assembled, produced and engineered the whole track from his London bedroom - saxophone and all.'Coping Mechanism' is an intricate oddball-pop anthem that attests to his mastery of songwriting and ability to capture and enhance a complex vibe, into an absolute and indisputable bop.

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