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London’s funk pop extravaganza NAYTiiVE unveils groovy new single “Flawless”.

NAYTiiVE (better known to some as Nathan Gittens) is no stranger to the music industry – he’s skulked his way through the big machine for some time, and emerged unscathed with his debut release “Flawless”. And it really is flawless. With watertight grooves and phenomenal melodic hooks courtesy of years spent absorbing the intricacies of funk and pop music, NAYTiiVE (alongside fellow writer-producer duo Bootleg) has created his very own special blend that’s sure to add a little spice to your Monday evening.

“Flawless took inspiration from artists like Jamiroquai and Parcels. My goal was to evoke my own personality into my first single. The lyrics talk about the one person you see that takes your breath away, they’re absolutely flawless. It’s fun, feel-good and carefree!”

Despite this assured and outgoing debut, NAYTiiVE is much of an enigma. The man behind the music resides in London, but that’s about all he’ll give away until you’re lucky enough to witness one of his sold-out live shows – at which point you will learn everything about Nathan there is to know. His infectious energy and extroverted performances are known to get feet dancing and bodies moving, but whilst our beloved venues are struggling to keep the shutters up you’ll just have to bask in the glory of this bloody good synth solo at home. As loud as you can. Piss off the neighbours, if you must.

Only time will tell what NAYTiiVE has in store for his fans – more beefy basslines and cheeky lyrics, we hope. If “Flawless” is anything to go by, we’ll be keeping a close eye. In the meantime, somebody crack out the tequila!

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