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Woodstock indie-folk artist Moody Jr. releases reflective single 'Breaking Into Cars'.

You may be more familiar with this artist as Paul Moody - you know, the one with all the Spotify editorial playlists falling at his feet. Despite Moody's success with what he calls the 'main project', he decided to create another one during the dreaded pandemic, which runs parallel and is equally as lovely.

Moody Jr.'s new releases present us with a continuation of Paul Moody's story; one in which he moves to New York, breaks up with his partner and winds up in his mate's woodland shed without any running water. The chaos seems to have inspired him - he has an entire album's worth of material to release. As Moody puts it, "there was a raging pandemic and I didn't have anything else to do..."

The song is about examining destructive behavior when I was a younger, [...] desperately and pitifully looking for a creative outlet before I found songwriting. Also writing an album about my childhood and trying to come to terms with certain things was WAY cheaper than therapy would have been!

'Breaking Into Cars' is sparse in its instrumentation, and wonderfully produced. The guitar tones are rich, and the string quartet adds a warmth that gives over-sentimentality a wide berth whilst embracing the feel of old-school folk music. Moody, whilst critical of his younger self, takes a firm-but-gentle approach in his lyrics which are sure to pull on the heartstrings of many.

All in all, 'Breaking Into Cars' is a beautiful precursor to Moody Jr.'s debut album. Hear it to believe it...

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