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Welsh psych-rock artist Mojo JNR releases dreamy new single “Peach Out”.

Mojo JNR (better known to friends and family as Josh David-Read) has been on my radar since his debut release “Miles Away” earlier this year. The Welsh bedroom pop songwriter takes influence from indie and psychedelic rock, and casually plays off this assured new project as “very much a product of the Covid-19 pandemic” – I might suggest that its success so far is the result of years of hard work and experience. He collaborates with close friend and ex-bandmate Ci Gofod on “Peach Out” (the name of the song taken from a funky accidental misspelling of ‘peace out’), and you’ll be glad to hear these two have more releases planned this year.

“I try not to be too serious with song matters unless the song dictates it. In summary, it’s a happy sounding song about dealing with anxiety through holistic means.”

With song title in mind, Josh stumbled across peach aventurine, a crystal said to relieve stress and anxiety. He admits that healing through crystals is a process he’s never understood (me neither), but “Peach Out” explores the possibility of healing through these holistic means. Dreamy, distant guitars are paired with sharp, clear drums and Josh’s signature languid vocals to create a hazy, summery soundscape underpinned by a gentle sense of tension. He even manages to get the words ‘serendipitous’ and ‘incredulous’ rhyming in the same line!

If you’ve not been introduced to the music of Mojo JNR before reading this article, you’re about to start seeing his name everywhere. Consider him your new psych-rock best friend. There are big things to come for Josh David-Read…

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