• Max Burt


Swiss alternative/experimental pop duo Mischgewebe have released four singles ahead of their debut album release this Saturday - 'Unmade' is one of them, a tremendous, threatening, stirring call to arms against patriarchal power.

"Music allows us to address heavy topics in a playful way. Through our sound we can communicate. We have something to say and a mouthpiece to go with it, so we use it. Whether it‘s for love and heartbreak, setting dreams to music, or expressing ourselves against political injustice.“

Artists that tackle politics in their music always grab me. I think that what Melanie Danuser (one half of Mischgewebe) said there is absolutely right - using that mouthpiece to inspire justice and political involvement is among the most noble things an artist can do, and 'Unmade' inspires those in spades.

'The outrage at the injustice, lack of respect and prejudice against women*' is palpable. Driven by an industrial pulsing bassline, the track throughout its four-minute crescendo sounds as if it carries war drums - an urging, focused fury emanates from Bill Bühler's (the other half of the duo) imposing production, while Melanie's confidently seething vocals tower over her opposition.

This track screams power, and I naturally visualise it as the sound of an upheaval. Bill's production expands as it morphs from threatening into exhilarating, and Mel's vocals swell with it, a distant female choir bringing 'Unmade' to new heights. If the first three minutes is the fight, the final minute is the victory.

And, well, in my eyes, this whole track is a victory in itself.

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