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Brighton-born, London-based indie quartet Midlight release debut single “Sink to the Level”.

Midlight are four friends that go way back, practising their writing from a bedroom after school. Over the years, they’ve moved to London, built a studio and prepared a string of tracks for release, the first of which is the mysterious “Sink to the Level”. Midlight define their sound around vocalist George’s vocals, wrapping them in a warm hug of delicate percussive sounds and softly played instruments.

“After spending a year in our studio writing, recording and rehearsing, this first single captures the atmosphere of our sound, space and friendship.”

We know not what the song is about, but that’s not necessarily the point Midlight are trying to make with their debut release. “Sink to the Level” serves as a reminder of what wonderful things can come of human connection. Understated and sophisticated in its production, the sound brilliantly complements the dry, close introspective musings of the lead vocal. Distant harmonies drift along in the background, dancing between world instruments and moody keys – picture twilight in a rainforest and you’re pretty much there.

In addition to the digital release of this song, the thoughtful folks of Midlight plan to release a cassette version whose proceeds will be donated to Save Our Venues Fund. The band only ask that you pay what you can afford, and the link to get your cassette is right here.

“Sink to the Level” is a crucial addition to your collection this year; I’m willing to place a large bet on their success within the world of indie. Midlight possess a sound that is completely inimitable – you couldn’t touch it even if you tried. The calming nature of their debut release is sure to cause some healing to its listeners, and we very much look forward to everything else they have in store in the coming months…

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