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Boston-based indie alchemist MAYA LUCIA returns with her second track of 2021 'ur ruining it !' - dance, shout, and get prepped for summer!

Alright, this time I'll make no poetic ornamentation, no political statements, and no contrived sugarcoating, I'll just tell you how it is: Maya Lucia has just released my soundtrack of the summer.

"But it's only April!" I hear you cry - "It was raining only yesterday!" you scream desperately, trying to claw me down from the sunny heights I stand upon, clearly delusional from heat exhaustion. But I cannot be brought down. I am on my way to summer. Maya turned up at my house in a boy scout uniform, like the kid from Up, she and a talking dog attached balloons to my house and now I'm flying into the bright blue sky, dancing around my gently-rocking bedroom to the impeccable beach vibes of 'ur ruining it !'.

Maya Lucia has previously been praised for her energetic live shows, an anecdote that becomes truly tangible when listening to this track. There is so much spirit in it, from her elastic group vocals reminiscent of singing along with your friends, to glittering surf-rock guitars, and the single's downright contagiously danceable rhythm section. After a dreamy bridge that acts essentially as a breather break, the song's final chorus explodes into even more energy, a feat that I didn't think possible due to the catchiness, charisma, and animation that Maya and her band exude throughout the previous three minutes.

Do yourself a favour: listen to 'ur ruining it !', and embrace summer - even though it's still only April. I mean, it's almost May, so what's the difference?

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