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Italian low-fi artist Martina Di Nardo releases new single “You Love The Pain”.

Martina Di Nardo, an Italian songwriter, began her artistic journey at just thirteen years old in her home country. Now living in LA and the proud owner of at least twenty-thousand subscribers on YouTube, her efforts over the years have well and truly paid off, placing her in a brilliant position to take over the world of lo-fi pop.

Her inspiration is drawn from the powerful female figures of pop – namely Billie Eilish and Lorde – and her music is an expression of her deepest emotions. “You Love The Pain” tells the story of struggles that Martina has faced, taking the form of catchy chorus hooks against laid-back instrumentation. Gentle guitar and crystal clear beats provide the foundation for Martina’s distorted and heartfelt vocals.

“You Love The Pain” may only be two minutes long, but it presents an assured eighth single of 2020 for the young Italian-born artist. It’s clear that she has made the best of lockdown, fighting apathy with productivity, and the output of her time spent honing her talent is a pleasure for all to hear.

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