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Olso songwriter Marianne Engebretsen returns with alternative-pop single 'Citylights'.

Marianne Engebretsen possesses an incredible ability to soothe her listener, no matter how frantic they may be feeling. The pseudo-medicinal qualities of her vocal have well and truly hooked us here at Scary Canary...

'Citylights' is the latest single from the Oslo singer and songwriter, produced by herself, Thomas Engebretsen, and Espen Tappel. The song's calming nature is derived from a balcony in Florence late at night, where Marianne and Thomas sat with a guitar and a notebook, writing line-by-line.

"'Citylights' is a description of how I so often let the feeling of loneliness deceive me into thinking that I need something other than what I have and who I am. It’s a kind of self-portrait and an acknowledgement of how much I need people in my life to help me look beyond myself."

Sixteen vocal harmony tracks seep seamlessly into one another throughout the track - a feature from the demo that Marianne was keen to retain in the final production. This mellifluous vocal combined with simple instrumentation makes for a feeling of calm, of groundedness, and of introspection.

If I can put you onto only one artist this year, let Marianne Engebretsen be her; she is talented and sophisticated beyond belief.

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