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Stockholm electronic pop producer Mak. teams up with Muylike to release new single 'On My Way Home'.

Nobody would be surprised to hear a music blog declaring that the best of new music is coming out of Stockholm. In fact, it's pretty much expected of Sweden to roll a new superstar out into the world at least once annually, the chosen artist's role to reinvent pop music and trigger a cultural zeitgeist. Actually, it seems like Mak. and Muylike have got that covered for 2022 already...

Relentlessly catchy, fun, and sentimental, 'On My Way Home' has it all. Exploratory bedroom producer Mak. and singer-songwriter Muylike may have been literally oceans apart whilst they put this collaboration together, but the end result is nevertheless just as perfectly formed as any high-production-value, major-label-funded studio project could ever hope to be.

'On My Way Home' is about getting out there and telling someone that you care about how you really feel. When you let your heart out, and tell someone something that you’ve been holding on to for some time, it’s a very freeing feeling."

The new single brilliantly captures the feeling of butterflies in your belly and nervous energy coursing around your body in the moments before doing something as - well, terrifying, but in a nice way - as confessing your true feelings for someone.

A must-listen! Keep an eye on these folks as we go into the new year, they'll be doing some big things.

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