• Max Burt


Get ready to smash headfirst into a better year with 'Keep Swimming' - post-punk trio Lyena's electrifying new release.

I don't think there's a better way to revive Scary Canary after our winter hibernation. The unbridled energy of Lyena's performance has me barreling towards a hopeful summer, which just so happens to be the context in which 'Keep Swimming' was written.

'Lyena's honest and raw newest number gives insight into the struggles of the last year and encourages us to keep treading water.'

Mixing post-punk aggression with poppy charisma and Dave's bouncing basslines, Lyena have captured the UK's pervasive feeling of "we're so nearly at the finish line." Guitarist and vocalist Omar leads the playful verses, inspiring sunny visions of festivals and pub gardens, which carry their momentum into drummer and vocalist Jake's bestial choruses; the frenzied scramble for the shore, amid fury directed at the government and resilience against the pull of the deep.

In fact I have no idea what Jake is yelling in the chorus, but my god is it infectious. I've been wandering around the house shouting words that sound vaguely similar, simply in an attempt to maintain the spirit that 'Keep Swimming' induces.

Dancing somewhere in the frenetic space between Rat Boy and Idles, this track is everything that can be asked for in a galvanising ode to the struggle. Put it on your workout playlist, your motivation playlist - though perhaps not your driving playlist - and get prepped to release that restless energy at a Lyena gig later in the year.

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