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Liverpool’s Luke Royalty releases indie-pop single “October Seven”.

Luke Royalty, hailing from Liverpool, only discovered music as an outlet for his feelings in his late teens. Either he’s a natural-born songwriting superstar, or he’s done an awful lot of learning in a very short space of time – either way, his latest release “October Seven” shows off his skills. With a characterful voice and those what-you-see-is-what-you-get lyrics at his disposal, he creates a universe of his own in the new single…

“[Falling in love with songwriting] took a while, but the second I really discovered music, I became completely obsessed with it. Music helped change who I am, to the point it has always felt a part of me.”

“October Seven” is a song of indecision; we’ve all faced decisions that have been made unnecessarily painful by some sort of inability to choose what best suits us. Luke conveys the confusion well, his storytelling relatable and poignant. “The lyrics are an expression of indecisive feelings I faced towards the end of a failing relationship,” he explains. “I think everyone feels it during that uncertain period where you don’t want to part but it’s becoming more and more inevitable.”

Luke’s words are backed with production inspired by the likes of Frank Ocean and Daniel Caesar, following an R&B influence with a hint of 80s nostalgia. Easy to jam to, easy to cry to…“October Seven” has it all. Including, in fact, a mystery vocalist whose dulcet tones lift the track to a new level. I’ve had no luck matching voice to name so far, but here’s hoping the secret singer pops up soon…

If you like the sound of this indie-pop banger, go and earn the artist some *Luke Royalties* (har-har) by popping “October Seven” on all of your playlists and showing him some love on the links below. Peace!

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