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Menai Bridge solo indie-pop artist Luke Jones releases sophomore single “Where Do We Go”.

Following in the footsteps of Sam Fender, Mystery Jets and Arlo Parks, singer-songwriter Luke Jones tackles tricky subjects. His latest single, “Where Do We Go”, considers the significant behavioural developments of humankind since the inception of the smartphone. Fighting back against what we commonly accept as the ‘norm’, Jones takes a brave approach to his songwriting.

“Where do we go is written about the truths we face in modern life, from government conspiracies and the power of social media, to the more serious subject of suicide and the mental health of men.”

The undulating guitar riff sets a steady pace for a song about to address the turbulence and upheaval of modern life, championing lyrics that you might be surprised to know were written in Luke’s car whilst waiting for his girlfriend. “The song just came to me as I was going off on a thought tangent about the world and our behaviours,” Jones explains, “and then as the song develops, having to deal with that as young people”.

It’s certainly true that (according to the first lyric) our thumbs seem to be mysteriously compelled to tap the social media icons on a daily basis – like muscle memory – and I can’t speak for the reader, but the amount of time I waste on social media is appalling. We have our echo chambers; we live and die by them, we rot away in them. Twitter politics doesn’t challenge us. We gain nothing from heavily edited pictures of ‘perfect’ people or fake news dressed up as insta-infographics, but we keep scrolling nonetheless.

Luke Jones seeks to upturn our habits in this immensely listenable sophomore release, walking the path less trodden to establish himself as one to watch. “Where Do We Go” perfectly complements the songwriter’s debut single released earlier in 2020, “Follow Suit”, which saw him gain notoriety across the blogosphere and beyond. Keep your eye on this one…

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