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Leeds-based singer-songwriter LUKA releases delicate new single “Play Thing”.

Luka Huidobro-Howe, a songwriter hailing from Leeds, has just unveiled her brand new single “Play Thing” as the first with label collaborator Monomyth Records. The song’s calming essence isn’t too far a cry from that of Luka’s Stranger Than Fiction EP (released earlier in 2020), but it develops further on the strong foundation that she has laid as an electronic pop artist in its expansive production and somewhat challenging subject matter.

“Too often we are unkind to ourselves, allowing people to treat us badly in what we like to call love. I hope hearing these lyrics may feel familiar, something I think lots of other people will be able to relate to as well. Knowing we deserve better, and having a little dance to celebrate.”

It’s no easy feat to confront oneself on the boundaries we do or don’t set; lack of boundaries can often cause toxic people to stay in our lives and sap us of all self-worth. And LUKA is calling us out, encouraging us to fight back against the expectations others hold of us. Her exploration of the subject is aptly adventurous – the song clambers over the limitations that many songwriters build for themselves, soaring over fist-shakers and pop-music pearl-clutchers with her lush, harshly-tuned vocal harmonies and synthesized sounds.

“Play Thing” builds throughout in just about any dimension you can imagine; outwards, longways, deep, close and faraway. The brilliant strangeness of her sound is anchored down with melodic vocal hooks that would be easy to sing along to, were our jaws not dragging along behind us in awe. You’ll not find another artist like LUKA in your lifetime – be sure to follow her for news on future releases.

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