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Brighton’s Lone Laveer release emo-pop anthem “Know You”.

Oh emo-pop, how do I love thee? Let me list the ways…

Lone Laveer are Brighton’s most promising pop trio of the Summer, I’m sure of it. Their debut single “Know You” is such an assured offering to the emo-pop world that you’d be forgiven for assuming this band had been refining their sound for years. Lone Laveer are, in fact, a very young band, formed a matter of months ago by frontman Ed Gibson and songwriter-producer duo Chill Murray.

“Sometimes it gets to a point where you need to give up the illusion of control and choose between a breakup and a breakdown. It takes strength, but it’s never impossible.”

“We wanted to capture the hopelessness of trying to change a situation that you know is doomed, where the only action you can control is your participation in it”, band member Luke Ferre explains. He is a self-proclaimed heartbreak expert – many of the best songwriters are.

“I know the feeling all too well. It’s like grabbing at sand through water, the sensation of it seeping out of your fist no matter how tightly you squeeze. Hopefully this song makes people feel less alone, and gives them the courage and perspective to see their way out of any tunnel they might be in, romantic or otherwise.”

For all its melodic hooks and feet-shuffling beats, “Know You” describes a place of confusion and despair. Catch me crying on the dance floor to this one at 5am, when the house party and my sense of social decency has gone awry. Scary Canary will be keeping a close eye on Lone Laveer’s navigation to chart-topping pop domination. It’ll happen, you’ll see.

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