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LA synth-pop trio Laureline release anthemic single “Everything Ends Up Ending”.

Laureline have journeyed from Summer Camp buddies to streaming sensations since their introduction through a mutual friend some moons ago. Ciera Bardowell, Chris Rasmussen and Marian Nutley now run a tight ship with refined progression of their sound in new single “Everything Ends Up Ending”, a festival anthem featuring the huge synths (think The Killers, circa 2007) and the poetic, slightly tongue-in-cheek approach to morbidity à la Robert Smith.

“If everything ends up ending shouldn’t we do our best to love as much as we can and be as present as possible? Death, as the absolute ending, can be the antidote to fear and anxiety.”

In a year that has seen so much death and destruction, Laureline’s optimism is refreshing. “Everything Ends Up Ending” offers up an if-you-don’t-laugh-you’ll-cry sentiment that comes with a comforting pat on the back, courtesy of lyrics that encourage us to “love yourself like someone you love”. The trio’s message is accompanied by such assertive, screaming guitars and huge uplifting synths set to the stomping beats of roomy 80s drum kit, making for a song that sounds like an epiphany might. It’s like a three-minute-ten self-help book that actually solves all your issues.

“Everything Ends Up Ending is a love letter to death,” the band explain. “The song explores the meaning that can be drawn from death, even seeing it as a gift rather than something dreadful.”

As Laureline run headfirst into pastures new with their ever-maturing sound, be sure to follow them on the links below.

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