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Auckland indie-pop songwriter and producer Lévyne releases first of two singles this Autumn, 'Losing Sleep'.

Lévyne's discography extends back to the good old days of 2018, when she blew us all away with her debut single 'Misfit'. Three years later, she continues her indie-pop reign with the introspective new track 'Losing Sleep'.

Sophie Bialostocki takes us on a journey of her healing process - we all know that healing is never a linear journey, and the songwriter-producer expresses this with the mercurial twists and turns, from warm and gentle tones through to sturdy pop melodies that any BBC Radio 1 A-lister would be proud of.

Alongside the single, an official music video for 'Losing Sleep' (directed by Oscar Keys) documents a different kind of change; nostalgic imagery captures what it means to 'grow up'. Bright tones from the glory days of childhood turn blue and bleak as Bialostocki faces the reality of growth and change.

"['Losing Sleep' is] acknowledging personal growth and accepting that you can’t control the other side of the story."

If you're hungry for more, Lévyne plans to release a B-side single very soon - stay tuned for plenty more exciting news from this multitalented Auckland artist.

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