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Canadian electronic pop artist Kylo releases the hazy daydream of a single, 'Follow'.

Kylo's not exactly new to the music scene - active since 2016, the last five years of her career have been focused on defining a sound that is as fuzzy and grungey as it is smooth, silken pop.

Listening across Kylo's discography, the sultry vocals and hazy synth sounds are a constant whilst her style morphs and grows. That's essentially what we hear in the latest single, 'Follow'; the union of Kylo's sounds, past and present, to form a perfectly authentic version of her sound which fits her edge, but also complements her natural leaning towards pop music.

"['Follow' is] written about feeling like you're losing someone you have been with for a while, [or] watching a person change and not being able to get them back; this song catches all the feels."

The accompanying music video is just as eerie and escapist as you might expect. Mysterious lights dart across Kylo's face as she finds herself stood in secluded areas of the world; sat in cars, dancing by waterfalls, hanging out underneath a concrete flyover. It's a fitting visual for a song such as 'Follow', which takes you to places you've never been before. Have a watch below...

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