• Max Burt


Jazzy psychedelic-rock phenomenons KYANOS return with their first track of 2021, released today, 'Fools Blue'. As ever with this band, it's sonically intriguing and impeccably dreamy; you don't want to miss this.

KYANOS' 2019 EP garnered much recognition for the Suffolk-based four-piece's impressive compositions, dynamic songwriting and expressive performances. NME and the BBC rightly took notice, as many thousands of listeners were borne to the band's own pocket realm of dreams and reverbed jazz chords.

Today, the boys are back - with features from Hugo Ellis on the trumpet and PORTEUS on keys - to deliver 'Fool's Blue', an 'ode to the sky and a taste of what to expect from the band this year.' Indeed, this track feels distinctly like an opening-up, of sorts; KYANOS' tight rhythms are kept with their signature alacrity, though are seamlessly interlaced within a broad, bright soundscape.

'Whilst people anticipate a more positive year for the music industry, KYANOS hope to add to that feeling with this first release of 2021.'

This vibe of a blissful emancipation is further aided by the track's crescendo, which begins around the half-way mark and builds in whimsical, infectious energy until KYANOS' impeccable cool returns for the last few bars. Here is where I direct you to the band's BBC Introducing set from 2019, where 'Fool's Blue' was first debuted - I really recommend this performance, considering the guys seem lose themselves a little during that crescendo, making for a tight, entrancing, but most importantly, irresistible liveliness.

With more on the way from KYANOS this year, the band have helped set summer 2021 up as a goodun. If you enjoyed 'Fool's Blue', be sure to check out their renowned 'Lost in Blue' EP.

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