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Turin duo Kindred Connection release slow-burning indie-pop single 'What a Way'.

Gabriele and Mattia united in 2020, the serendipitous meeting of minds triggered by the splitting of an old band and the search for something new. From their first time sat in a studio together, it became apparent that Gabriele and Mattia were a musical match made in heaven, and lo! Kindred Connection was born of the duo's - well - kindred connection, if you will.

With their first single 'Secret Places' released at the tail end of 2020 (and a further five singles made available since then), Kindred Connection are prolific like few other developing artists; with Mattia on production, guitars and synths, and Gabriele on the vocals and lyrics, there is very little that stands in this band's way when it comes to consistent output.

'What a Way' is soul-searching and intimate, with sparse instrumentation akin to London Grammar's earlier soundscapes. The song was produced from a home studio in the middle of the rural Italian countryside, but discusses feelings of displacement and homesickness;

"Mattia was going through a very complex sentimental crisis, Gabriele instead was still struggling to find a place where to feel completely at home after spending several years away from his hometown. [...] We believe that the song is able to dampen the sadness of the moment, it is wonderful when you can actually turn difficult moments into a creative act, this is the magic of art!"

Though introspective at its core, Gabriele's lyrics are not overly sentimental - instead, they act as a beacon of hope and resilience for those facing tough times. 'What a Way' makes a great addition to work, coffeehouse, and chillout playlists.

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