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Philadelphia indie-pop solo project Kevin Walkman releases optimistic single 'its alright :)'.

Part of the job of being a Scary Canary writer is to concede that streaming stats say very little about the quality of a songwriter, but damn...20k in just two weeks?!

Kevin Walkman deserves every single hard-fought listener. Interminably relatable, optimistic and danceable, it's no wonder Walkman's songs have won over so many fans in such a short amount of time. His first single, 'WasteUrTime', was released in 2019 and now has an impressive 1.5 million Spotify streams to its name, but tempting as it would be to repeat the formula, each single released since has built further upon Walkman's songwriting and sound.

The new single 'its alright :)' delves into Walkman's not-so-savvy boyfriend choices (his words, not ours) and finds a silver lining in the college roommates that come to his rescue. Ever the person to deliver a positive spin, there's no trauma-dumping or catastrophizing to be seen here - Walkman just seems to be grateful the whole ordeal is over, and brushes off the negative experiences like a pro. Back to the party then, I suppose! Who's for a keg stand?

Walkman keeps the party going with raucous vocals and happy-go-lucky melodies, whilst collaborator Nick from Space adds a little 00s pop-punk spice to the production. All in all, 'its alright :)' is our favourite breakup song of 2021, and a hot tip for the newly heartbroken!

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